2904 Laguna Street • San Francisco, CA 94123
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We provide a challenging approach to Pilates. And we have the best instructors in the city by far. Are we supposed to say that? Absolutely. But we have the unique advantage of having it be true as well.  Each of our instructors has over 600 hours of certification training in observation, written and practical exams. Plus they come from diverse backgrounds - dance, travel, fitness, theater, kinesiology and military.


With hands-on guidance with our instructors, you can achieve your objective whatever it is. From doing a triathlon or dancing the Argentine Tango to recovering from an injury you never thought you could fix, we will help you every step of the way. Never say never.



Originally a dancer, Pilates has helped strengthen my body in ways I never imagined. This change in my body inspired me to become a trainer.
I also have a passion for nutrition, which led me to share this lifestyle with others.
In addition to Pilates, I enjoy weightlifting and strength training, running, and spinning. I love to cook and currently have a vegan cooking blog,
Vegan Chef April, where I share my cuisine with others.
I am currently working towards my Master of Arts in Education.
In my spare time I enjoy traveling, dancing, snorkeling, eating great food, and anything active or outdoors.
Can’t wait to see you at the studio!
Cheyanne is a sunny SoCal girl who loves the water. After taking Pilates for over 10 years, Cheyanne certified under Lisa Schlaeger in Orange County. Her approach focuses on challenging clients to transform their bodies through precision and deep, detailed movements all while working them to the bone.

Cheyanne is an avid traveler who has hiked the Andes mountains in Peru and the Himalayan mountains in Nepal. Her next conquest is Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa.
Jessi is a Fitness Trainer, Nutrition Coach, Private, Group and Online Instructor & Pilates Goddess. She has been teaching & sharing her passion for over 15 years. Her style draws from her knowledge of movement combined with her playful demeanor, colorful cues and an absolute zest for helping students reach their full potential through movement. Jessi studied under Romana Kryzanowska who studied under Joseph Pilates. In the last 15 years Jessi has worked with competitive athletes, celebrities and advanced students. She looks forward to bringing her challenging workout catered to the athlete is all of us.
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